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The Timer Game goes paperback!
In January 2014, The Timer Game will be available in the United States in paperback via direct mail through Harlequin Worldwide Library Mystery and Suspense, which focuses on amateur sleuths, traditional cozies, police procedurals and private eye fiction.
I’m delighted to be part of the Harlequin group!

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On the set of Separation Rapid with leads Kate Hamill (BESSIE) and Dan Sanders-Joyce (Glen.) For more information about the show, go to

Separation Rapid was produced in 2012 in Greene, New York, at the Chenango River Theatre, Bill Lelbach directing. Chenango River Theatre’ is the greater Binghamton area’s only Equity, professional non-profit theatre company.

We live in dark times, but we also live in times that have the capacity for abundant growth and hope.

My writing spans many genres, but at its heart, my truest work is always about finding the delicate and sometimes rocky path out of darkness into light.

My work deals with redemption. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it’s offered and granted to us all.

And yes, I do believe, it’s not too late.

I write thrillers. And I promise readers I won’t leave them in a dark place at the end. That’s the deal I cut with them, if they’re willing to go along for the ride. Not that they’ll wind up in a weirdly happy place, but in a complicated, troubling, and somewhat hopeful place. Just like life.

I write movies of the week. I work with complex characters trying to sort out how to behave when they’ve lost the guide book. They don’t always make good choices, but they learn and struggle and keep trying. Just like life.

I write plays. Characters pushed to the edge. Characters forced to grow. Characters vulnerable and funny and raw. Characters who have the opportunity–if they’re willing to take the risk–to step out in faith, with nothing under them but a wide blue sky. Characters who have the chance to live in light.

I write screenplays. Stories full of messy, opinionated, passionate people at war with themselves and each other, doubting their gifts and purpose and paths. People pushed by pain and fear and wonder into becoming more purely who they are. People forced to take a staggering leap and jump. People like us.

I write essays. Where I talk about where my life started. Where I am now. Where I hope to end up. A journey I hope resonates with your own.

I’m a writer.

Come with me. Let’s open this door together and go through it. On the other side, by the campfire in the flickering light, there’s a whole community, waiting. We will share the roadmaps for the difficult terrain that lies ahead. The places where one can find water and safe harbor. The stories we need to keep us alive.

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