About Susan

Susan Arnout Smith is an internationally published novelist, and a third generation Alaskan now living in San Diego.
She was an essayist for NPR Weekend-Edition Sunday, helped build the Alaska pipeline, and worked as a TV broadcast anchor.
Susan’s written movies for television and award winning plays. She’s shadowed beat cops, spent five weeks above the Arctic Circle in a native village and gone on a search for God.
A story she covered as a reporter about two missing children became the seed of her first thriller, THE TIMER GAME.

Susan's Books

A brief overview of some of Susan’s selection.

The Frozen Lady
Out At Night
The Timer Game
The Timer Game Chinese-Version

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Desk Notes...

Every writer has his or her set of lucky things. I’m only sharing a part of my desk, but everything on it resonates for me. Photos of me and my kiddos:  Gold.  A pencil holder with the word ‘Poetry’ etched on the face and a chip missing from the rim, received during a dark time when I didn’t know if I’d ever write again.  A crystal ball that explodes with light when it’s touched by a spark of sunlight. A perfectly round piece of purple glass with the word ‘Faith’ in bright white lettering.  A chunk of quartz shaped like a Colorado mountain, taken from land that had been in my family for over half a century, a rock I found as I walked the land with a realtor, right before it sold. A Beatrix Potter piglet, received under circumstances that are still too raw to talk about.  And a hand-picked TEDx domino, each side of dots representing things that conjure up mystery and magic.

These are familiar talismans, the sweet touchstones that start my working day.