Another opening, another show: writing scene one.

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Today we’re going to talk about crafting that all important first scene.
If you’ve been doing the assignments in these blogs, you’ve written out a draft of one of your must-have scenes.
That’s for practice.

And now today’s the day we’re going to figure out how your novel starts.

  • First—and this is without actually writing the scene yet—jot down a few notes about what has to happen in that scene.
  • Who is in the scene?
  • Where is the scene?
  • What do you want the reader to be worried about at the end of it?
    This is important. They’ve cracked open the book…they’ve stepped into this world you’ve created. Who’s there? And why? This is their introduction to who and what they’re going to worry about. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Start the scene as late in the story as possible.
    For example, we don’t need to see the scene in which your main character is born…unless that’s important in some way to what you want the reader to worry about.
  • Start your first scene mid-scene, whenever possible. Plunk us down in the middle of it.
  • Start it with action. Have us get to know your main character as your character’s doing something.
  • Set the hook with the very first sentence.

Have fun. See you next week!

Vlog Produced by: Pat Allen

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