About Susan

Susan Arnout Smith is an internationally published novelist, and a third generation Alaskan now living in San Diego.
She was an essayist for NPR Weekend-Edition Sunday, helped build the Alaska pipeline, and worked as a TV broadcast anchor.
Susan’s written movies for television and award winning plays. She’s shadowed beat cops, spent five weeks above the Arctic Circle in a native village and gone on a search for God.
A story she covered as a reporter about two missing children became the seed of her first thriller, THE TIMER GAME.

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Susan's News

James Hubbell: Between Heaven and Earth

Susan has been busy! Learn about her part as an executive producer in the production of a new, award winning documentary: James Hubbell: Between Heaven and Earth.

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Big Plans for 2020

I've got big plans for 2020––and they involve you.

Come January I will be launching a fantastic newsletter to share with my mailing list! As I began planning this endeavor, I realized it just wouldn't be its best without some input from all of you.

So I ask: What would you like to see in a newsletter? I want to hear from you, yes YOU, so please, share your thoughts on what sort of insight you would find most valuable.

More information to come.

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Out At Night & The Timer Game

It is with great pleasure I announce the newest cover designs for my books, "Out At Night" and "The Timer Game". These have been in the works awhile and I’m excited by how they turned out. Let me know what you think and get your e-book version with the latest cover design at one of the Amazon links below. The Timer Game: https://amzn.to/2vkKjd2 Out At Night: https://amzn.to/2GD4okY These were made possible by my excellent book designer, Natanya Wheeler of NY Literary, as well as my Social Media Manager, Jay York, of News & Experts and Matt Grimes at Firesuite Multimedia for his website design. Stay tuned as there is more exciting news to come.


Just received the official word the screenplay, GOD'S PHOTO ALBUM, (based on the book, God's Photo Album, by Shelly Mecum), has just won the Grand Prize in the Faith in Films International Screenwriting competition. As the winner, the script will be distributed to production companies and other industry professionals, opening the door for potential future production.

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Susan's Books

A brief overview of some of Susan’s selection.

The Frozen Lady
Out At Night
The Timer Game
The Timer Game Chinese-Version

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Desk Notes...

Every writer has his or her set of lucky things. I’m only sharing a part of my desk, but everything on it resonates for me. Photos of me and my kiddos:  Gold.  A pencil holder with the word ‘Poetry’ etched on the face and a chip missing from the rim, received during a dark time when I didn’t know if I’d ever write again.  A crystal ball that explodes with light when it’s touched by a spark of sunlight. A perfectly round piece of purple glass with the word ‘Faith’ in bright white lettering.  A chunk of quartz shaped like a Colorado mountain, taken from land that had been in my family for over half a century, a rock I found as I walked the land with a realtor, right before it sold. A Beatrix Potter piglet, received under circumstances that are still too raw to talk about.  And a hand-picked TEDx domino, each side of dots representing things that conjure up mystery and magic.

These are familiar talismans, the sweet touchstones that start my working day.