Happy Mother’s Day

Monday, May 9th, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day, to nurturers everywhere!  The theme for May’s Word/Smith is The Divine Feminine.  Join us!

April 2022 Word/Smith is going to be fun. Here’s a quote to get things started:

Monday, April 4th, 2022

'If you want to go east, don't go west.’ -- Ramakrishna Woot! Those of you who guessed ‘Wisdom’ as our April theme get a free subscription to Word/Smith. Sign up here. (And yes, we’re way too wise to share or…


Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Writer Haruki Murakami writes about ‘Memory’ this way: “Our reality is an infinite battle between what happened and what we want to remember.” Join us for Word/Smith, where this March month is all about Memory: How we store it and…


Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

This month on Word/Smith we’re talking about Seconds. Second chances, second guesses, second helpings, and lots more. Join us!

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Happy New Year! Here at Word/Smith we think January is the perfect month to discuss ‘Origin Stories’, how people got from there…to here. The moment they became aware of their own destiny, or at least the possibility of it. Join…


Friday, December 3rd, 2021

December’s theme here at Word/Smith is ‘Miracles.’ And who couldn’t stand to have a little of that in their life? Hope we see you there! Peace and out!

November Word/Smith™

Monday, November 8th, 2021

November is the perfect month to talk about Gratitude. Join us at Word/Smith™ for a look at why this action is important and how it can shift perspectives and even lives.

October wordsmith

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

I’m here in Mgarr, Gozo, Malta, visiting the Ggantija temple complex, considered to be the oldest freestanding structures in the world. (Yep. Older than the pyramids.) But who built them…and why? Join us this October month on Word/Smith where we…


Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

This month’s theme for Word/Smith is Service: From the smallest of acts done quietly, to those so big they morph into the indelible ink of who we can be on our best days. Please join us here. Word/Smith is free,…


Friday, July 2nd, 2021

Our July theme for Word/Smith is Home. We’ll explore multiple versions of what that word means. Hope to see you there on Word/Smith... at Home! “It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same,…