Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Our avowed aim every month is to fling some Light. Just that. A small piece, yes, but in a world with so many anxious, worried hearts, a worthy one.

We were almost ready to ‘go to post’ with March’s newsletter, when we shifted into a new theme. This is issue is all about the Coronavirus.

We bring, as always, a mix of different voices weighing in.

And here’s the thing: we live in a fascinating world. Social media was constructed in part as a means of bringing us closer.  I’m thinking of Facebook’s beginnings here, along with other platforms—not the DARPA piece that devised the idea of the Net in the first place.

Closer together. But has it?

In a time where we worry about literally touching other people, it’s good to find ways to know and feel we are still a community.

So this issue is about that: Settling In and Settling Down.

How do we build community when all around us we’re given the very clear and real message that in order to live safely and well, we must isolate ourselves from others?

My hope is that at least one of these voices this month gives you a piece that helps remind you of who you are: A person who has lived through many scares. A survivor. A ‘thriver’. A person with skills. With heart. And with the brains and courage to use them both.  In. For. And with.  Community.


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