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Monday, January 6th, 2020

Why not?

As this year ends and a new decade begins, I want to thank those of you I know personally, and those known by me only online.

Your encouragement, ideas and positive light in this world help inspire people you don’t even know.

Our journey as humans is flecked with joy, doubt, heartbreak, laughter, betrayal, mistakes, redemption and love.  I wish for you all—in this quiet, dark-sky time of year (here in the US)—that the light living in you—however you define it—shines bright. So bright that your good intentions, your miraculous deeds, and your pure kindness spangles the dark and transforms it.

We are each of us, right now, creating a world that has never been.

How cool is that?

Let’s give it every good thing we have, all the stuff we’ve been saving in our toolbox of The Extraordinary.

Let’s crack open that tin box of trinkets, glittery junk and miracles that we’ve been hoarding and fling it out into the world. Every last bit of it.

Let’s surprise ourselves with our generosity, our joy, our ability to see farther, try harder, love more.  Why not just for today trust that the Universe actually has our backs. That maybe, despite everything that’s wrong here, Things Will Be Okay.  That maybe… in quiet ways only seen by Spirit, Things Already Are.  We Are.  Fundamentally. Beautifully. Okay.



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